For all you outdoorsy people, here's a must have firestarter.  This is crafted with Bolivian Rosewood, hand-turned by Mike and uses a flint.  This has approximately 50,000 strikes.  As with any wood, this needs to be treated periodically with a wood wax to keep it's beautiful look. 

Flint Fire Starter

  • This Bolivian Rosewood has been hand-turned and treated with a wood wax and will periodically need to be re-treated to maintain it's shine and  longevity of the wood.  The flint needs to be kept dry.


    How to use:  position the rod so that the tip is resting on the ground and the flint is facing up.  Press hard on the striker with your thumb, sliding downward on the flint towards kindling.  Kindling should be close to the tip of the firestarter.  Flint sparks are hot enough to light any fine material, i.e. moss, dry grass, pine needles, steel wool, paper, etc.  Not recommended in wet or windy conditions due to the fact that it does not get as hot as magnesium styled flints or firestarters.

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