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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship?

We will ship anywhere.  If you do not see your location on the shipping list, please contact us so that we can get a quote for you.  

Why didn't I get a tracking number in my shipping notification?

We offer various shipping methods so if you don't choose tracking, then we cannot provide you with a tracking number.  We always recommend tracking; however, we do not force this method due to costs involved.

Why hasn't my order shipped yet?

All of our pens and handles are handmade by us and are made to order.  This means that we do not pre-make any of our products.  This is so that each item is made per the customer's specifications.  Our current turnaround time is 10-14. business days as we own our own marine service business which keeps us very busy during Canada's very short boating season..    

We currently ship once a week, on Mondays; however, this sometimes will change.

Can I have a different handle design?

At this time, we are not taking custom requests for handle designs. 


Does my handle require any special care?


As with any real wood, they need to be taken care of to preserve their longevity and looks.  Some woods require more specialized care to prevent them from turning colours when exposed to UV light (i.e. sun).  We will do our best to include care instructions on those.  UV light can affect colour even on the painted handles so keep this in mind.

For acrylic, there is no special care required.  They can be easily cleaned with soap and water and dried with a gentle cloth.

Why is shipping so expensive?

We have no control over shipping costs.  We do not increase those costs and use the price that is given to us by Canada Post.  The prices will vary depending on where you live and if you choose regular untracked versus tracked.  If you would like to upgrade your shipping to get expedited service, please contact us and there will be a $5 handling fee for that service to reflect the increased charge via the post office.

Please note for international shipping, we cannot control fees for duty/tariffs imposed by the country where you live.  We have had no issues with shipping to the US, UK and Australia but we cannot guarantee this to always be the case.

What type of hooks do you use?

For crochet hooks, we are currently only using interchangeable steel hooks.

For drill pens, we use brass stock.

Will you have specials/sales?

Of course!  Throughout the year we will send out emails announcing specials that we will be having.  We also announce things in our Facebook group (We Have A Handle  On This) so please join us there.